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Soon Lee

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06:22 pm: Recipe: Vegan fried rice vermicelli.
Because I was asked.

Vegan fried rice vermicelli. Serves two-three (I think).

- Light vegetable oil, one tablespoon
- Dried shiitake mushrooms, generous handful
Place in bowl, pour boiling water until just covered & let sit until rehydrated. Cut into fairly thin slices. Retain the rehydration liquid.
- Choy sum, one bunch cut into ~4cm segments
- Grated fresh root ginger, about two teaspoons
- Vegetarian mock abalone (a.k.a. chai pow yu), one can
- Bird’s eye chillies, sliced, in a small container of light soy sauce
- Light soy sauce to taste.
- Rice vermicelli (I like the Wai Wai brand. They come in ~200g packets and I would use about half of that). Put the required amount into a large bowl, cover with warm water to rehydrate (takes some minutes). Make sure to drain while it’s still a bit stiff & set aside.

Heat up frypan to medium high.
Add oil.
Throw in sliced shiitake & stirfry until cooked through.
Add grated ginger & rice vermicelli and toss gently so that the vermicelli strands don’t break up.
Add liquid from shiitake and can of mock abalone including liquid, and stir through.
Stir in choy sum, and add light soy to taste.
Put lid on so the choy sum finishes wilting.
By now, the vermicelli should be cooked through.
Transfer to serving dish & serve with the chilli in soy sauce on the side.

NB: I’ve never written this down, so amounts & cooking times are guesses; you’ll have to taste as you go and make your own judgements.

It should end up looking something like this, but with choysum instead of bokchoy.

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