About the new LiveJournal Terms of Service

Every LiveJournal user will be offered to sign the new User Agreement with SUP Media.

It wasn't so much "offered" as "click on agree or be unable to login". As I'm posting this, no prizes for guessing what I did. (I had noticed the recent change that disabled logging-in with https too, which is something else of concern.)

Given the new TOS means having to comply with Russian laws that are rather unfriendly to LGBT, I am unhappy about this forced change. I am for people being to express who they are and being able to love who they love without being discriminated against.

I've been crossposting from my Dreamwidth account for a few years now, and it's become more & more my home account. If you're on DW, feel free to link me.

ETA: If you could also drop a quick comment to identify yourself, it would be appreciated.

At this time, I don't know if this will be my last LJ post, or whether I'll keep crossposting to both DW & LJ. For now, I will continue reading & commenting on my friendslist posts at both locations.


Today's mood: Kafkaesque

I am trying to sort out a new work contract.

On a totally unrelated note, does HR stand for Hellish Resources? Please come comment at DW:

Morena! Today I am unemployed*.

I suppose I should make the most of it.
*A state that shouldn't last long if things go to plan.

As a Research Technician, I have had a really good run of sequential contracts since the early 2000s that's allowed me to stay employed. I would have preferred a permanent position but that's not how it's worked out because of how research funding works.

Research grants are given out for fixed terms of work, ranging from a few months to several years of you are lucky. Say you are a Principal Investigator (scientist) who has successfully won a research grant. Now you have to do the research you have proposed. But the thing is, if you are running a successful lab, you (the scientist) don't actually get to do the hands-on research anymore. That is left to either the PhD students or Post-Doctoral Fellows in your lab. Or the grant money allows you to hire a Research Technician. Because your time is better spent leading the lab (managing the lab, writing research proposals to get more funding for your research) rather than actual lab-based hands-on work.

But given Research Grants are given out for fixed terms, you only have money to fund PhD students & Post-Doctoral Fellows for fixed terms. And the same for Research Technicians (someone like me).

My contracts typically have been 1-3 years, not as short as the sort of work you might see described in the gig economy, but not permanent jobs either. Please come comment at DW:

There is a sequel to 17776!!!

Remember 17776? It was a story published at a sports-heavy website that was one of my favourite reads of (checks notes) 2017. The narrative uses multi-media to tell a SFnal story that kept me wanting more.

Guess what? There is a sequel! Please come comment at DW: