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Soon Lee

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05:24 pm: Awesome Weekend.
Which started on Friday, with a friend's birthday celebration. We went out to a Japanese restaurant that was recommended. The food was fabulous.

Then on Saturday, it was another friend's birthday celebration. They had been planning on a BBQ but the weather was too wet & their place was too small to accommodate everyone, so it was called off. We decided to host everyone at our place instead, and made it a potluck dinner instead of a BBQ.

I made a couple of dishes. One was an experimental roasted pork belly which turned out really well (the crackling was really crispy). The other was feorag's Fried aubergine in miso except that instead of frying, I BBQ'ed the eggplant: I made sure the BBQ was hot (lowish heat), then cooked large slices (so that they didn't fall through the grill) of eggplant brushed with a mixture of sesame & canola oil. Once they were cooled, I cut them into more bite-sized pieces before finishing them off as per the recipe. Delicious.

We also had some outstanding wines to go with the food. It was an evening for Te Mata. We had the 1998 Coleraine and the 2004 & 2005 Elston Chardonnay. I really liked the Coleraine and of the Elstons, the 2004 was much better. There were other wines too, but the Te Mata were the highlights. For dessert, there was cake, apple dumplings, lots of ice cream and fruit salad. We broke out some Selak's Icewine. We had a 2006 & a 2007, both nice cheap quaffers. It used to be called "Ice Wine" but because it wasn't technically an Ice Wine, we are no longer allowed to call it that. Its new name is "Ice".

Sunday was yum char with Fern's family.

It's been a fun food-filled weekend. Getting out of bed this morning to go to work was tough.

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Date:March 3rd, 2009 02:26 am (UTC)
I can't help thinking that a splash of sesame oil just before serving would enhance it. Sesame oil loses much of its amazing nutty fragrance during cooking.
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