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Soon Lee

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07:58 pm: This morning's walk
Went for a walk this morning along the waterfront (caught lots of Pokemon). The weather was cool & fine. Later it would get hot (for Auckland summer values of hot, which is nothing like the heatwave in AUstralia at the moment: 47 C in Sydney!).

At the end of Queen's Wharf is Michael Parekowhai's new work, The Lighthouse" which has its official unveiling tonight.

From the water's edge.

From the shore side.

The side.

It's clearly peak season: the queue for the Waiheke ferry was ridiculous. This was the queue taken just after the 9am sailing just departed. Ten minutes later, the line curved round onto the promenade. If it had been straight, there'd have been people blocking Quay Street.
If you're planning on a trip to Waiheke, go really early, or be prepared to wait.

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