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Soon Lee

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07:14 pm: Merediths for the last time
Merediths is one of Auckland's best restaurants and is closing permanently at the end of the year.

So we decided to go while we could. It's a degustatiom-only restaurant and depending on the night of the week, you get a choice of a different number of courses.

You can see the photoset here or scroll down for pictures & descriptions.
Merediths: Last Meal

The menu:


But before the official first course, some tastes, like these chocolate-covered chicken liver parfait that tasted sensational.

And the muttonbird mayo sandwiched by potato wafers (chips & dip?), and eel & cashew cream croquettes.

First course was salmon, avocado with compressed apple, green tomato & seaweed cracker, and wasabi avocado mayo in there too. It was delicious. It was all delicious.


Second course was my favourite: quail done two ways (lightly smoked breast & confit leg), with crispy kale & enoki mushrooms, chestnut, oats!

Sourdough bread with Waiheke Island olive oil (Number 29)

Third: Gnocchi in mushroom broth with pork hock.

Fourth: Venison with venison black pudding, ginger kumara mash, pea, nasturtium. Loads of umami in this one.

Finally: Chocolate cannelloni filled with mousse, tamarillo jelly, yoghurt sorbet, freeze dried mandarin. Matcha.

They are ending on top of their game. The food is as good as I remember (i.e. outstanding) & I am looking forward to what Michael Meredith does next. If you want to have a meal there (and you do), time is rapidly running out.

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