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Soon Lee

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09:31 am: Gardner Dozois (1947 - 2018)
Reported by Michael Swanwick on Facebook and Twitter.

It is my sad duty to note the passing of Gardner Dozois today, Sunday May 27, at 4:00 p.m. The cause was an overwhelming systemic infection. Gardner had been hospitalized for a minor illness and was expected to be released shortly. The decline was swift. He died surrounded by his family.

I never met him in person, but he was welcoming on the old Asimov message forum. I'd been aware of him, his annual Year's Best SF collections, his editing on Asimov's among others, had a big influence on my SFnal reading. I would have got onto online fandom without Gardner's influence, but it would not happened as soon.

This stings.

"Kua hinga te totara i te wao nui a Tane"

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