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Soon Lee

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05:02 pm: Why we're really not DIY people
Before and after replacing toilet cistern. In between might* have been stress, frustration, gritting of teeth, panic.

*Not might.

It looked to be straightforward. But when we took out the old cistern, the wall plug for the screws holding it in place came out, and when we eventually got the cistern installed, we found that the tap to the cistern inlet had sprung a leak (and it's the type of tap with no replacable washer). We ended up making several trips to the hardware store for additional advice & supplies. In the end, we managed it, but it took us both days of the weekend for a job someone with expertise and all the right gear could probably have done in an hour or so...

...and that is why we're really not DIY people.

Replacing toilet cistern

Replacing toilet cistern

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