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Soon Lee

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08:47 pm: Christchurch, New Zealand
Muslims were killed in attacks on Christchurch mosques today.

ETA: We live in Auckland, which is on a different island, and not in any danger as far as I can tell. But still feel the shock & numbness.

After the news broke, I went offline. There was so much confusion & uncorroborated reports, especially on social media.

Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand's Prime Minister spoke recently. She speaks for us.

I'm off to get some sleep. Tomorrow, we will do what we had planned. I won't stop thinking of the people affected by the attacks. But I am not going to stop living my life. And I am not going to live in fear.

Tūtira Mai is a Māori folk song and one translation runs thus:

Line up together, people

All of us, all of us.

Stand in rows, people

All of us, all of us.

Seek after knowledge

and love of others - everybody!

Be really virtuous

And stay united.

All of us, all of us.

Sing it all a second time.

All of us, all of us!!

Hi aue hei !!!

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